Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Things

This picture tells many things that make me happy when I'm sad, especially because of the thing that I've mentioned in previous post.

First, if you notice, I have a new haircut :) I don't look like Agung Hercules anymore, ha ha. 

Second, this is our picture when we were going to Bandung. We ate a lot of food, and there were the place I ate kepiting soka for the first time (so norak). Turned out that it's actually not too special, but it's okay.

Third, Alfin Teflon bought me a bouquet of flower. It's yellow, not purple which is my favorite color, because I want to dry that flower and yellow makes the best color when it's ready.

Before we're going to Bandung, I cook kangkung (what's the English for kangkung?) with shrimp and shrimp paste sauce. When he tasted it, he said, "kurang ajar banget nih yang enaknya!". Such a 'SSI' (sepik sepik iblis, lol) , but I'm so blushed :) 
Well I repeat, in that day we ate A LOT. 

Happy simple things make me happy.


  1. So cute. Kodenya berhasil nih yeeee..hahahaha

  2. Senangnya punya pacar yang mengerti kode2 yang aku lancarkan ;;) heeeey kamoh kenapa ga ke nangor2 lagiiii...

  3. aku di nangor kok..aku di sampingmu sekarang.
    *ketawa cekikikan nada tinggi*

  4. .......... *melayang-layang di sebelahmu*